David B. Consigli, CAMS is Managing Member and Founder of Consigli Consulting, LLC, an Anti-Money Laundering/Bank Secrecy Act consultancy specializing in AML investigative, remedial, operational and independent AML audits for a variety of banking and financial service institutions. Additional specialties and experience include areas of focus such as PEP screening, OFAC sanction screening, USA Patriot Act, Section 314 (a) screening, Customer Identification Program (CIP), Know Your Customer (KYC), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), Customer Due Diligence  (CDD), Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM) and Risk & Regulatory Compliance (Consumer, Residential, Commercial and Marketing/Advertising).

In his more than 20 year career in the banking and financial services industry, Mr. Consigli has worked in a variety of management roles along with serving as members of the Eastern Massachusetts Compliance Network, Greater Boston Chapter of the Association of Certified AML Specialists, New England Chapter – Risk Management Association and is current member of the Association of Certified AML Specialists (ACAMS).